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Past Installations at Photo L.A.

Anthony Hernandez, Screened Pictures #8, 2017/2018, Inkjet print, Framed Dimensions: 54 1/2 x 54 1/2 inches (138.4 x 138.4 cm.), Edition of 5, courtesy of the Artist and Kayne Griffin Corcoran, Los Angeles
Screened Pictures: Anthony Hernandez

Anthony Hernandez’s Screened Pictures consists of portraits of Los Angeles as seen through the metal mesh of the various different bus stops throughout the city.The scenes are abstracted and offer a different perspective of the city than his earlier works—giving off a digital appearance even though they are all taken on film and have not been digitally manipulated. Screened Pictures brings forth a shift back to figures in Hernandez’s photographs as well. Different from his earlier series, his figures are now blurred through the inherent abstraction of the metal grating and his choice to focus the camera consistently on the metal mesh rather than the background. Upon closer examination of the photographs, visual cues inform the viewer as to what they could be looking at: a tent perched on the edge of a patch of grass, a lone figure walking in front of a gas station, and various different architectural details from throughout the city. All of these bring to mind certain aspects of Hernandez’s other series, yet this revisitation is from a completely different perspective. “LA is my big studio,” Hernandez has said. “One day I’m in one corner, the next in the’s like having a filter to see LA in a new way.”

William Sharp, Jay Adams, Oxnard, California, 1975, courtesy of the artist and The LEM HQ PHO TOGR APHY S ALON
The LEM HQ PHOTOGRAPHY SALON & Curator Terry La Rue proudly present Out of the Trenches

The LEM HQ PHOTOGRAPHY SALON & CuratorTerry La Rue proudly present Out of the Trenches. Highlighting the photographers who where there to live, witness and capture the progression of skateboarding throughout the earlier years. Featuring photographers Anthony Acosta, Dave Swift, Deville Nunes, Ray Barbee, Ray Zimmerman and William Sharp.

Featuring photographs of Jay Adams ~ hands down one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. Skateboarding today would not be the same without Jay’s innovative style and fuck you attitude, on and off the board. Taking surfing to the streets and pools, pushing himself and the board to limits no one ever imagined. Inspiring generation upon generation to build off of what Jay started in Dogtown in the early 1970s.

Featured Artists: Wenlong Ye, Anthony Acosta, Dave Swift, Ray Barbee, Ray Zimmerman, Deville Nunes, and William Sharp.
Point of View: Selections from Los Angeles Collections

The city of Los Angeles is known for its long history associated with the visual arts. As an international artistic hub with an incredible and ever-growing collector base for fine art photography the city has become a thriving engine for contemporary artists that pull inspiration from L.A.’s dynamic visual industries.

The role of the collector is not only a major influence on an artists’ life, it is also a statement both personal and public on what is important about the work. The selected collectors in Point of View speak to the vibrancy and variety of the collecting experience. Our hope is that they will resonate with viewers and inspire collecting.

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