28th Edition Photo LA Jan 30 - Feb 2, 2020
Barker Hangar - Santa Monica, CA
© Anja Niemi, Courtesy of Galerie XII
© Tyler Haughey, Courtesy of Sears-Peyton Gallery
© Ashley Gilbertson, Courtesy of Monroe Gallery of Photography
© Iwan Baan, Courtesy of The Gallery Club
© Mona Kuhn, Courtesy of Galerie XII
© Ellen Cantor, Courtesy of dnj Gallery
© Albert Rudomine Auguste Rodin, Courtesy of Grob Gallery
© Florian Ruiz, Courtesy of galerie SIT DOWN
© Steve Schapiro, Courtesy of Monroe Gallery of Photography
© Cole Weston, Courtesy of Susan Spiritus Gallery
© Daido Moriyama, Courtesy of The Lapis Press Nazraeli Press
© Tony Vaccaro, Courtesy of Monroe Gallery of Photography
photo l.a. 2020 - Applications
photo l.a. returns for its 28th year as the longest-running photographic art exposition at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica, CA. Set against soaring vaulted ceilings and arched steel trusses, the 35,000 square foot airplane hangar is poised to house a roster of 65-75 local and international galleries and dealers, individual artists, collectives, leading not-for-profits, museums, art schools, and global booksellers.

All of our exhibitors receive maximum exposure. Efforts are focused on a multi-faceted marketing approach, access to prominent collectors, and wide reaching media coverage. We like to think that supporting exhibitors bolsters both the art community and the greater market.

We proudly offer lectures, roundtable discussions, special installations, and docent tours. It's just a few of the ways we hope to spearhead dialogue within the photography community.

photo l.a. hand-selects a select number of exhibitors to allow greater visibility and impact, as well as to foster intimate personal dialogue between exhibitors and collectors.

For more information, below are our prospectus and applications:
Main Exhibitor
The MAIN EXHIBITOR booths of photo l.a. are open to established photographic art galleries and private dealers in good standing.
Solo Exhibitor
The SOLO EXHIBITOR photo l.a. booths are open to established classic and contemporary photographic art galleries or dealers presenting solo projects by a single artist.
Book Publishers
The PUBLISHER PHOTO L.A. booths are open to Photo Book Sellers & Publishers presenting a curated mini-exhibition. There will be a limited number of Publisher Booths available, distributed throughout the main show floor.
If you are interested in a Table Top please contact er@photola.com.
Opening Night

Jan 30, 2020
Public Dates

Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020

Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave,
Santa Monica, CA 90405