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Anne Brigman Incantation 1905 Courtesy of The Wilson Centre
Anne Brigman. The spirit of nature in early 20th century photography

Anne Brigman. The spirit of nature in early 20th century photography The California photographer and poet Anne Brigman (1869-1950) is best known for powerful female nudes photographed in the Sierra Nevada mountains and on the rugged Pacific coast in the early 20th century. Brigman was a leading Pictorialist photographer; she exhibited widely, and was championed by Alfred Stieglitz, becoming one of the few female members of Stieglitz’s Photo-Secession group. Her visionary work contributed to West Coast modernist photography, and she was admired by young photographers like Dorothea Lange and Edward Weston. Anne Brigman at Photo L.A. Consists of three components: a 3-D virtual installation, a link to a short video on Anne Brigman, and a live panel discussion with three people who are expert on Brigman's life and art.

The virtual exhibition comes from the collection of Michael G and C Jane Wilson and the Wilson Centre for Photography. We are indebted to Ann M. Wolfe, Senior Curator and Deputy Director at the Nevada Museum of Art, whose comprehensive and insightful exhibition and book, Anne Brigman: A Visionary in Modern Photography, have informed this presentation. A short documentary on Brigman is available, and Rizzoli Electa's book on Brigman was recently published in second edition

Sarah Choate Sears, Helen Sears, 1895, Platinum print, 22.8 × 18.7 cm (9 × 7 3/8 in.). The J. Paul Getty Museum.
In Focus: Platinum Photographs

The J. Paul Getty Museum - A virtual presentation of "In Focus: Platinum Photographs", an exhibition drawn from the Museum’s collection to showcase some of the most striking prints made with platinum and the closely related palladium processes.

Probably by Amelia C. Van Buren, American, c. 1856 - 1942
Amelia C. Van Buren with a Cat, c. 1893-1897
Platinum print, 3 3/8 × 5 5/16 inches (8.6 × 13.5 cm)
Gift of Seymour Adelman, 1968-203-2
Photography at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art will showcase highlights from its permanent photography collection, including a number of recent acquisitions. The photographs will be selected by the photography curatorial team--Peter Barberie, Amanda Bock, Sam Ewing and Laila Islam.

Suzanne Treister
Fictional Videogame Stills/Would You Recognise A Virtual Paradise?
Screen Knowledges Origins

For almost two centuries photography has been one of the main tools for humanity to know the world. Photographs have been used to preserve or forge memories; as a way to glimpse the far-afield or sell its myth; and as a way to share the texture of our daily lives or reveal what secrets it hides. But what is photography’s future as an increasingly large part of our lives are being spent in front of screens, inhabiting digital non-places forged of complex math, micro-scale engineering, and electrical impulses routed across vast geographic distances? The rise of video games as a cultural force, their lushly rendered screen-realms are an increasingly ntimate part of our personal histories, is a critical part of this conversation about photography in the digital era. Screen Knowledges: Origins features pioneering artists and early artworks that engage with the relationship between photography and video games.

Full Artist List
Suzanne Treister -
Angela Washko -
Mark Tribe -
M. Earl Williams -
Robert Overweg -
Gareth Damian Martin -
Kent Sheely -
Eron Rauch
Roc Herms -

FOCUS photo l.a. TOP 20

For 30 years, photo l.a. has celebrated and brought together the arts + photography community by presenting a biannual photography competition with a final exhibition curated by a panel of renowned art + photography experts. The mission is to provide emerging and mid-career artists/photographers a platform to broaden their career opportunities and promote their winning work within the photo l.a. network both nationally and internationally. Through our long-established partnerships with world-renowned photography art gallerists, dealers, festivals, museums, and publications, winners of past finalists have been picked up by international galleries and magazines, further expanding their art career.

2020 Summer Edition
TOP 20
To Be Announced

Andy Romanoff, Koi Pond at the Krotona, 1980s
The Long View
An installation by Andy Romanoff

How do you make pictures of times long gone by? How do you show a lifetime's worth of photographs in a small space? How do you talk about them when they are sitting on a virtual wall? Writer/Photographer Andy Romanoff faced those questions in The Long View, his installation at Photo L.A. Collect + Connect. His pictures span sixty plus years and his stories tell of a life nearing eighty. With a lifetime of adventures, downfalls and accomplishments to choose from he chose seven periods and seven bodies of work to represent his life.

Photo by teen photographer Gabriella Paoletti, from a series about the pressures of her last year in high school.
Creativity. Connection. Hope. Now more than ever

Venice Arts ignites, expands, and transforms the lives of Los Angeles' low-income youth through photography and film education, and uses its participatory storytelling practices to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities around the world.

Most of the work in this exhibition is from Venice Arts’ Advanced Studies: Photography students, our most engaged teen photographers who, for over a year, have been working on intimate storytelling that explores such issues as coming out, the intersection of work and family life, and the social pressures of high school.

igniting creativity
expanding possibilities
transforming lives

Artist List

RahSan Bailey
Arthur Cooke
Silvia Curiel
Benicio Gutierrez
Carlys High Bear
Gabriella Paoletti
Isamar Rebollar
Kelly Rodriquez
Ashley Sanchez
Mark Tomilin
Opening Night

Jan 30, 2020
Public Dates

Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2020

Barker Hangar
3021 Airport Ave,
Santa Monica, CA 90405